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About Sapling Learning

Much has changed in education and technology since the days of the blackboard and mimeograph copier. As educators, we want to take advantage of what the latest educational technology has to offer, but the choices can seem daunting. It’s sometimes difficult to determine which solutions will help our students the most and best fit our educational goals.

At Sapling Learning, we understand educators are in a high-stakes search for proven, effective, and easy-to-use course and exam preparation tools that will position their students for success. Sapling Learning provides interactive learning experiences for science, engineering, and economics disciplines that are proven to significantly improve student comprehension, retention, and problem-solving skills.

We’re a team of educators (30+ master’s and PhDs and growing), software developers and marketers who believe in proven, measurable results and access to quality online homework and instruction solutions for all students.

We also believe that although new technology provides boundless capabilities and exciting educational opportunities, nothing replaces the value of one-on-one peer interaction. That’s why we offer the best support in the industry and match educators with a Technology TA to provide support and collaboration throughout the semester.

Contact us today to schedule a free personalized demo and consultation to find out how Sapling Learning can work for you.

We are growing!  Want to join a team that’s leading the industry in discovering new and better ways to help students learn through technology?  Check out our job openings.

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