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AP Exam Prep

Introducing an effective, flexible, and convenient exam preparation program that delivers exceptional results at an affordable price.

Sapling Learning for use with AP* Courses

Effective: Sapling Learning gives you access to a wide library of interactive questions, each complete with immediate, specific feedback for incorrect answers. Students are given multiple attempts, encouraging them to learn from their mistakes rather than give up on challenging questions. Best of all, Sapling Learning questions are automatically graded and come with worked solutions, saving you time and energy.

Dynamic: Unlike many other online systems, Sapling Learning enables students to practice more than just simple multiple-choice questions. Chemistry students will benefit from writing chemical formulas, drawing Lewis structures, and analyzing 3D molecules while physics students can write mathematical expressions, draw vectors, and both analyze and generate graphs. Biology students can label diagrams, rank and sort items, and complete models while microeconomics students take advantage of our graphing tool to generate supply and demand curves, calculate deadweight loss and consumer producer surplus, and compare profits.

Convenient & Customizable: Our online prep courses are completely customizable, allowing you to tailor your course to meet the needs of your students. With Sapling Learning, you have the ability to upload and link resources, providing one accessible learning portal for your students. Sapling also provides you with an automated grade book, calendar, and assignment statistics to make managing your course and analyzing student data effective and efficient.

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Research-Proven: Take advantage of the same powerful software that has helped over 200,000 high school and college students succeed in science.

Affordable: Sapling delivers exceptional exam preparation at a fraction the cost of national test prep and tutoring programs. Our eBook series is affordable without sacrificing any features or artwork.

General Chemistry eBook: The text includes chemical topics typical for a university general chemistry course. A molecular-level point of view is emphasized throughout the text. Solutions to example problems include a structured approach that highlights critical thinking and conceptual understanding. Organic and biochemical examples are included throughout the text. Editable PowerPoint presentations are available for the instructor.



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