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Grace Period

Order summary with option to Enter this course for 14 days freeSince college add/drop periods often go through the first or second week of classes, Sapling offers a grace period on payment. For most courses, the grace period is 14 days from the first day of class (summer sessions may have a shorter grace period).

During the grace period, students can choose to enter the course site and complete their assignments without paying. At any point during the grace period, a student can choose to pay sooner by clicking pay now at the top of the course page.

Grace period banner with pay now link and number of days remaining.

Once the grace period ends, students who have not yet paid can still do so. Any work they had done during the free period is saved and they can resume where they left off, once they pay. Or, if they have dropped the course, they may choose to do nothing.


NOTE: eChecks can take several days to process. To ensure timely access to your Sapling materials, it is recommended that students who pay using eCheck do so as soon as possible.

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