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Texas High School Math

Created by and for Texas educators, our TEKS-aligned courses feature interactive problems and feedback designed to help students identify knowledge gaps and provide helpful hints in real time – just like a personal tutor.

Each Dynamic Math eTextbook includes:

Engaging virtual manipulatives, video clips & animations
Narrated video power lessons & problem tutorials
Real-time coaching & feedback
Printable study sheets for student review
Downloadable PowerPoint lessons
Real-time performance reporting & statistics

Support for Educators

Sapling Learning is a Texas-based company you can trust to empower teachers and engage students all eight years of the Texas Proclamation 2015 adoption. We welcome you to transition to digital by providing the following:

  • Expert support by Sapling Learning Tech TAs – former high school teachers based in Austin, Texas
  • Free printed materials for students without Internet access
  • Professional development and trainings
  • Yearly updates to content
  • Usage monitoring and reports for administrators

Request a trial to experience how Sapling Learning engages students with interactive content and empowers teachers by identifying students who need targeted intervention.

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