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Designed specifically for Texas High School Math, Dynamic Algebra II is the most integrated and engaging eTextbook and homework solution.


  • Comprehensive solution includes text, videos, virtual manipulatives, and printables
  • Covers 100% of the TEKS and ELPS

Practice & Assessments

  • Thousands of questions providing real-time individualized coaching and feedback to students
  • Addresses different student learning styles


  • Automatic grading of all student work
  • Comprehensive individual and class statistics
  • Identify specific areas for student remediation

Dynamic Algebra II Includes

Dynamic Algebra II eTextbook
Embedded 3D animations and videos clips
Engaging virtual manipulatives
Downloadable/printable PowerPoint lessons & resources
Printable student review study sheets
Skill-building activities


Dynamic Math Brochure


High School Evaluation Guide


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