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Pennsylvania High School Science

Curriculum, eBook, and homework designed to cover 100% of the Next Generation Science Standards and Pennsylvania Biology Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content




Each Pennsylvania Dynamic Science Course includes:

Engaging virtual labs, video clips & animations
Narrated video power lessons & tutorials
Real-time coaching & feedback
Full-length practice exams
Printable study sheets for student review
Downloadable PowerPoint lessons
Real-time performance reporting & statistics
End of section quizzes
Whole-class, small-group & individual instruction

Pennsylvania Biology features:

Full-length Biology practice Keystone Exams
Pre-assessments by reporting category

Built by and Supported by Science Educators

Sapling Learning has been empowering teachers and engaging students for over a 15 years. We are here to help you transition to digital instructional materials by providing the following:

  • Expert support by Sapling Learning Tech TAs – all former science teachers
  • Free printing rights to all materials for students without Internet access
  • Onboarding and continued professional development and trainings
  • Continuous updates to content at no additional charge
  • Usage monitoring and reports for administrators


Pennsylvania Dynamic Science Brochure


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