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  • Sapling Learning's feedback helped me to focus my additional study on key areas where I really needed it.

    Segev Malool - City College of San Francisco

  • Sapling Learning helped me like and understand economics a lot more...Without it, I would not have gotten an A.

    James-Cameron Harris - Palo Alto College


Engaging Students, Empowering Educators.

Created and supported by educators, Sapling Learning's instructional online homework drives student success and saves educators time.

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Passionately Crafted Content 

Sapling Learning authors are experienced educators. They are passionate about creating problem sets, targeted instructional feedback, and solutions which both challenge and guide students.  Student errors are met with more than just hints. Authors write the same quality, detailed feedback that they would deliver to students in person.  Multi-step tutorials and engaging, intuitive question types lead students through a dynamic study process with variation that strengthens comprehensive understanding.



Targeted Instructional Feedback

Every question and tutorial from Sapling Learning is embedded with targeted instructional feedback to elicit common misconceptions and guide students down the right path. The experienced educators who craft each problem set express their passion in developing rich, quality feedback that mimics the instruction you provide your students. This just-in-time feedback leads students into a rewarding study process. The presentation within real student workflow means that the instant feedback is applied more effectively.



Homework Management & Analytics

Sapling Learning helps you easily manage your course--from auto-graded assignments that feed into your gradebook to easy-to-use analytics that allow you to improve retention. Student results can be analyzed quickly to diagnose topics of weakness in your course and new assignments and quizzes can be assembled from a large library of relevant and customizable questions. Our authoring tool allows you to create new questions with your own specific feedback.  Your dedicated Tech TA will be there every step of the way to help ensure your course is customized to meet you and your students' needs.


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Ideally Suited For

Lecturer Rebecca Shapiro

UC Irvine

Lecturer Rebecca Shapiro's general chemistry students achieve superior results with Sapling Learning. 

Laurie Parker headshot

Professor Laurie Parker

Purdue University

With Sapling Learning, Purdue Associate Professor Laurie Parker's organic chemistry students spend more time doing their homework and get better grades.