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Introductory Statistics

Sapling Learning has talked to hundreds of statistics faculty and students to help us design an online homework solution that meets your needs. Our introductory statistics solution combines a variety of questions types including:

  • Step-by-step questions: which help students build confidence by guiding them through the steps of conducting statistical procedures.
  • Skill-builder questions: that help students build skills in computing descriptive and test statistics.
  • Conclusion or interpretation questions: that help build students ability to interpret and make conclusions.
  • Visualizations: that help bring statistics to life and allow students to interpret and manipulate various distributions.

Why Sapling Learning For Online Homework?

Proven Results

Independent studies have shown Sapling Learning improves student performance by up to two letter grades.

Flexible Course Management

Sapling Learning assignments are tailored to your textbook and syllabus by our Tech TAs so your homework aligns with your student learning goals.

Easy to Use

Save time with automatic assignment grading, student progress tracking, and performance analytics—all linked easily to your learning management system.

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