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Our History

Our story begins with Science Technologies, a successful educational multimedia company founded in 1998 out of the University of Texas at Austin that for over a decade produced state-of-the-art educational content including over 35 media and simulation CDs and websites, as well as much of the online homework questions in the market today, for leading science and math textbooks. Through this experience, we recognized that the isolation of the coursework and student performance data from the grade book and other instructor tools missed critical opportunities for instructors to monitor their students and assist in the learning process.

In 2005, the founders of Science Technologies created Sapling Systems to fill this instruction content and performance analytics gap through the development of customized content, online instruction through problem-solving practice and coaching, and tracking of student performance through grade book and analytic tools. To achieve this goal, Sapling Systems built the most easy-to-use and discipline-relevant online homework software on the market.

Today, Sapling Learning is a rare blend of professional educators, scientists, textbook authors, editors, instructional technologies experts, animators, artists, designers, and software developers. Since the beginning, Sapling Learning has provided students with rich, discipline-specific interactions, such as molecule drawing and graphing, to promote engagement and comprehension in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and economics courses.

Recognizing the strides Sapling Learning has made in improving student outcomes and our focus on measured, proven results, in 2012 Macmillan Science and Education, a technology innovation division of Macmillan Publishers, Ltd., acquired Sapling Learning. Macmillan New Ventures provides support to grow our business and investment to extend into new disciplines and expand our team while preserving the core of what has made Sapling Learning a success.

Because Sapling Learning was founded by educators, our sales and Technology TAs focus on how Sapling Learning actually works in the classroom. We collaborate with educators as peers to match their curriculum with their student learning objectives and provide unprecedented flexibility to create and customize instructional content in an easy-to use, flexible, and code-free environment. No other solution provides such seamless integration between rich learning elements and peer-to-peer customer support.

In many ways Sapling Learning’s evolution personifies the rapid change that the education technology market is currently undergoing — often by leading but also by responding to new dynamics. For those of you that have been with us for much of the ride, thank you for your support. For those just getting to know Sapling Learning, we welcome you to hop on board!


James Caras, Ph.D., Sapling Learning Founder and General Manager

Sapling Learning
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