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Physical Science

Sapling Learning provides content for college-level physical science courses, providing an introduction to concepts from physics, chemistry, earth science, and astronomy. Our physical science library includes both math-based and purely conceptual questions, giving you the freedom to tailor your homework to your teaching style and the abilities of your students. Understanding is measured using numeric and equation-based questions as well as sorting, labeling, ranking, multiple choice, and multiple select answer types. Sapling Learning's personalized feedback coaches students through questions, reducing student frustration and developing problem solving skills.

Try out some of Sapling Learning's Physical Science live problems:

Why Sapling Learning For Online Homework?

Proven Results

Independent studies have shown Sapling Learning improves student performance by up to two letter grades.

Flexible Course Management

Sapling Learning assignments are tailored to your textbook and syllabus by our Tech TAs so your homework aligns with your student learning goals.

Easy to Use

Save time with automatic assignment grading, student progress tracking, and performance analytics—all linked easily to your learning management system.

Meet the Physics Tech TAs

When you sign up with Sapling Learning, we’ll match you with a dedicated Tech TA, a PhD- or master's-level colleague in physics, who will provide support throughout the term.


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