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The Sapling App

Students spoke, we listened.

As a company created and supported by educators, we are focused on driving student success and saving educators time. Through our customer-focused approach, we have conducted extensive research with instructors and students on the use of portable electronic devices in the educational environment. We engaged with thousands of students to understand their workflow, use of mobile devices for educational purposes, and opportunities for Sapling Learning to have an even greater impact on their success.  


The Sapling App

The Sapling App allows students to manage their course more effectively to boost their performance. With just a few swipes from their iOS device, the Sapling App makes it easy for students to:

  • Receive calendar notifications for all assignment and activity due dates by automatically syncing with their iOS Calendar

  • View a prioritized list of upcoming assignments and activities by due date

  • Access their eTextbooks on iPad

  • Access course resources such as text and PDF documents, presentations, audio and video files

  • Check their grades

  • View all current and past Sapling Learning courses

This initial focus is what the majority of students told us would be most valuable to them.

  • Sapling iOS App for iPhone
  • Sapling iOS App for iPhone
  • Sapling iOS App for iPhone
  • Sapling iOS App for iPad
  • Sapling iOS App for iPad
  • Sapling iOS App for iPad

At Sapling Learning, we are always listening.

This is the first version of the Sapling App; our first step to help students more effectively manage their course work to ultimately drive their success. This is only the start of an evolving app; we will continue to carefully craft the best mobile experience for educators and students. We know some students and educators want to do more on their mobile devices and we’re committed to providing more [the right way]. We’ll continue to engage with educators and students through studies on assignment accessibility, among other things, and we’ll continue to evolve the app.  

Connect with us to get involved and be heard!

Help engage in the discovery of how students use the Sapling App and how it should evolve. Sign up now to participate!


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Student responses:

“I love being able to sync with my calendar and set reminders for my assignments. The interface they have developed is FANTASTIC and super well organized. I check my grades and upcoming assignments all the time now and really feel like I am on top of my course work.”

“Love that it syncs the due-dates for my assignments to my calendars but I wish I could actually work on my assignments in the app! Would love for that to be a feature soon. Keep up the good work!”

“Sapling Learning is by far the best online homework program I have used. I think making it more accessible on tablets and smartphones would make universities more apt to use Sapling which really would help many students.” - Rachel Cyr of University of New Hampshire

“Making your programs available of tablets would be wonderful. I take my iPad mini with me everywhere.” - Susan Nickson of Montana State University- Bozeman

“It would be great if there were an app available for Sapling Learning.” - Samantha Kang of Skyline College

“I think Sapling Learning is one of the better online educational tools I have used. Adding smartphone or tablet capability would really be integral in bringing the already stellar technology to a new level, greatly increasing accessibility and practicality for the future.” - Nalia Tarnay of University of Hawaii at Manoa

“I think it's great you're making an effort to survey the opinions of the students who use your site.” - Anastasia Chambers of Clark College

“I've been very impressed with Sapling Learning and am looking forward to smartphone compatibility.” - Robin Crowley of Marietta College

“You guys are on the right track. Tablets and smartphones are important. Please make it available soon.”  - Bounpaseuth Saysavath of Santiago Canyon College

Instructor Responses:

“All math and science faculty have been issued iPads with the expectation of implementing them in the classroom.” - Robert Moore, Professor at Wayland Baptist University

“[We] are always supporting innovation. We have an iPad enabled classroom.” - Joseph Lanzafame, Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology

“Our school provides an iPad loan program for testing use of this technology in the classroom.” - Max Majireck, Professor at Hamilton College

“There is a move to require all students to have an iPad.” - Richard Spinney, Professor at The Ohio State University

“Many students carry tablets and it would be nice for them to pull up information during class.  I would also like to be able to access due dates, etc.” - Laura Maki, Professor at Modesto Junior College

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